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Compare the Top 5 Internet Password Organizer Notebooks

We have searched the internet to discover The Top 5 Internet Password Organizer Books and ranked them based on features, price and availability. Below is our opinion of the Top 5.



by: Michael E. Pipkins - Paperback


Billed as "The World's Most Secure Internet Password Organizer" this notebook actually lives up to all the hype. This password book may in fact be the most remarkable little organizer that the market has to offer and it ranks #1 in our Top 5 list of Password Organizers.

Like all password notebooks, the user writes down the website URL, E-mail and Login - but unlike other password books the user does not write down the password. Instead, they remember the location of their password within a preprinted 16x8 grid of random characters.


This location of the password is referred to as the users "Key" and the user would use this same key on every page and every website. Since every grid page is different, the result is a different password for each internet account, which is what security experts recommend.

Since only the user knows where the password is hidden within the grid, the password is secure from prying eyes, thieves or even just the babysitter.

It seems that Mr. Pipkins may have indeed discovered the most secure way to store passwords. They are not online - so they can't be hacked and yet they are also protected in print form from offline thieves as well.


Don't let the simplicity of this system fool you. There is serious protection here. With over 1.4 Trillion possible combinations of a simple 8 digit password, if a thief could enter one password per second, it could take them up to 44,300 years to crack your password.


That is Serious Protection! Indeed, this just may be the worlds most secure password organizer.

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5th Dimension Internet Password Keeper.


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by: Innovention Lab, Inc. - Spiral Bound

The Internet Password Organizer by Innovention Lab, Inc. provides you with a single centralized location in which to store all your online account login information as well as your computer hardware configuration.

Spiral-binding allows the book to be opened flat so you can write the full width of each page. Reinforced laminate tabs keep your information organized and easy to retrieve. Bonus sections provide you with space to record relevant information about your Internet Service Provider, Home Network, and Software Licenses.

The book contains no mechanism to obfuscate your password and it would be up to the user to create a secure password. But it has some added features that the other organizers don't have.